A strong collaboration between any two organisations places a strong emphasis on clear communication channels. Our standard approach when working with a client is to begin by holding a planning meeting to discuss the project and possible analysis strategies, and to give the client an opportunity to meet our staff. We then prepare an initial proposal outlining the project, possible analysis strategies for the project, and providing an estimate for the amount of time involved in the project (and hence the estimated cost). Once this is approved we then carry out the work and present a final report. This final report is presented in a way that makes it simple for a client to adapt the relevant sections into a journal article or a report that the client themselves is producing. Throughout this project we put a strong emphasis on client involvement in the decision-making and we use the project as an opportunity to teach the client about the relevant statistical methodology. 

Our staff have provided consultancy services to a range of academic and industry staff around Australia in as diverse fields as health, agriculture, environmental sciences, engineering, and the social sciences. Our current and past clients include academic staff in Adelaide, Brisbane, Perth and Sydney. In addition we have done work for major companies including Novartis Pharmaceuticals, GlaxoSmithKline Pharmaceuticals, Exxon Oil, and World Vision.

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