International research is vital in order to inform decision-makers and those people living in developing countries. The Australian Development Agency for Statistics and Information Systems has an active research program in this area in collaboration with staff at the School of Population Health, University of Queensland. 


Young Lives study

A major focus of our research involves the analysis of data from the Young Lives longitudinal study. The Young Lives study considers 12,000 children living in poverty in Ethiopia, India, Peru and Vietnam. These children will be followed for a period of 15 years, where data from three study phases is currently available (2002, 2006, and 2009). More information about the Young Lives study can be found here.


Current students

ADASIS staff are currently co-supervising a number of research students in partnership with staff at the School of Population Health, University of Queensland (Semester 1, 2013)

Nicola Keays
Sarah Oh
Jane Sanders
David Sinclair
Tung Vu



Past students

We have also co-supervised a number of students in previous semesters

Semester 2, 2012 Rachael Purcell Evaluating the use of Neonatal Incubators in Vietnam
Semester 1, 2011 Evanna Li Linking Social Capital and Child care in Peru
Semester 1, 2011 Jonathon Tieh The curious case of China’s health insurance system: what drives an individual to want health insurance?
Semester 2, 2010 Pravheen Thurairajah Predicting Underlying Factors for Demographic, Anthropometric, and Biochemical Variables in Indonesian Children Who Had Experienced an Upper Respiratory Tract Infection
Semester 1, 2010 Candace Spencer The effect of posyandu clustering on the incidence of Upper Respiratory Tract Infections in Indonesia