Pacific Conference for Statistics and Information Systems (PaCSIS)

 Theme:  Application of Statistics in Pacific Islands

17-21 June, 2013

Suva, Fiji

The annual PaCSIS conference series has been established to advance expertise in statistics and computer skills within the local population in the Pacific Islands. The conference is designed for delegates from any professional background (such as statisticians, health workers, government staff, businessmen, agricultural workers, and interrnational aid workers). Irrespective of how much you currently know about statistics, if you would like to develop your expertise in this field then please come along to this conference. The conference provides a solid introduction into the use of statistics within these various fields. Speakers and organisers for the conference include international experts from Australia, New Zealand, and the USA, along with local experts in the Pacific Islands. The 2013 conference is the third conference in this annual program.


Final Program

A final copy of the program is available here. Please note that the first four days are in the Pasifika Auditorium of the FSM Pasifika Campus. The fifth day is in the Computer Lab on the Pasifika Campus.


Financial sponsor

We are enormously indebted to the Fiji School of Medicine who will be providing the venue and catering for this conference. 


Your invitation to speak at PaCSIS 2013

On the fourth day of the conference, 24 delegates from the Pacific Islands will have the opportunity to present their current and future research. Speakers in this session will be given 10 minutes for their presentation, and an additional 5 minutes to answer questions. It is anticipated that most seminar will explore how statistics is being used within a given research project (such as a project in the health sciences, agriculture, business, etc). Depending upon the interests of the speaker the seminar might be on a completed project or might be a proposal for a project that you will be conducting in the future. This is an excellent opportunity for you to present a seminar on your work and to gain supportive feedback from international and local delegates.
A suggested format for your seminar would include a description of the context in which you work, the motivation for your particular research project, the specific research questions that you would like to explore through your project, the data that you will collect, the statistical methods that you might use, and an interpretation of any results that you have.  For more information on presenting a seminar at PaCSIS 2013 please read the information below.


For more information 

For more information about the speakers and the conference program please download the conference brochure here.


Contact us 

If you have any general questions about the conference please contact the Conference Chair, Mark Griffin, by email on or by phone on +61 448 176 926 or Ramneek Goundar by email on or by phone on +679 9252568.